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Twik - Eclectic, trendy fashion


Minimalist, menswear-inspired coats are the straight answer this season.

Women Coats at Simons

Textured-seam felt coat


Forest-Green Corduroy

If shirts had a popularity contest, this one would be winning it thanks to its material, colour, and fit.

Twik Exclusive

Loose corduroy shirt

Corduroy shirt at Simons

Sweaters Forever!

Put the "knit" in "tight-knit" with a pal that promises to stick with you through thick and thin and never leave you, no matter the season.

Sweaters for Women at Twik
Sweaters for Women at Twik

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Graphic prints on dark backgrounds make for high-contrast style statements.

Women T-shirts at Simons

Punk Fit

A new exclusive jean! With its high-rise waist and skinny fit, it's got everything it takes to be a real success.

Twik exclusive jean at Simons


Find new collections from here and join us in giving local communities our full support!

Local T-shirts at Simons

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Share your looks with us using the hashtag #twik for the chance to be featured on our platform!

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