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Suit shop

Fuss-Free Shirts

A light, comfortable, easy-care, and non-iron weave that makes the everyday easier.

Le 31 Exclusive

Geometric jacquard shirt

Save 45%

Nedvin Suit

This beloved 4-season combo puts urban elegance at your service with its rich Italian weave, slim fit, and flawless look.

A luxurious T-shirt and minimalist sneakers will make it a touch more casual without taking away its classy appeal.

Tiger of Sweden

Nedvin 4-season wool suit

Nedvin 4-season wool suit by Tiger of Sweden at Simons

True to Form

Opt for a smart wardrobe that'll adapt to your (new) everyday.

Versatile pieces that are modern, chic, and cut in materials comfier than you'd believe.

Le 31

Shiny knit white shirt

Shiny knit white shirt by Le 31 at Simons

Our Favorites

Pieces featuring stylish, practical, and intelligent design, made with innovative materials that are easy to care for, but above all, easy to wear.

On Promo

Dressy Essentials

A professionnal selection perfectly adapted to your everyday.

Our Best Sellers

Our Top Categories

Work From Home

Keep your look professional
for your upcoming video calls!

The luxury of Marzotto Italian weave

TOP 30

Dress Shirts

Solid or patterned, they reflect your personality.

Easy Does It

The professional wardrobe has flipped the script, turning a typical dress code on its head with reinvented, hybrid styles that are gentlemanly to their core.

Dark green moiré suit for Men by Le 31 at Simons

Made to Measure

Take advantage of our speedy in-store alteration service for a feel-good fit that's tailored to you.

Business Class

A wardrobe designed specifically for the businessman that's practical and sophisticated. Discover modern, high-quality, and timeless pieces.

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