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This American brand is credited with inventing the hoodie and offers comfortable sports clothes that last.

Champion clothes for men

If you're all about the relaxed side of activewear, you simply can't go wrong with this revered American sportswear brand. In fact, Champion's subtle combination of sports gear and casualwear has helped to pioneer an essential modern look?one that's equally suited to a lap around the track or a lazy evening streaming movies at home. If you throw on Champion shoes and lightweight athletic shorts, nobody will expect you to break a sweat, but you will be court-ready at all times. That's what makes Champion clothing the go-to for days when anything is possible. 

Tanks, joggers and mesh shorts are no longer confined to the gym, but there are still a few factors to bear in mind if you don't want to look too relaxed. Instead of wearing loose, baggy styles, opt for pieces that fit well?like Champion sweatpants, which have banded bottom hems. A fitted cardigan over that eye-catching logo tee will create a sleek sporty look, as will mirrored sunglasses with that lightweight jacket. And remember that bold colours match well with neutral tones, so that bright Champion hoodie will go perfectly with dark jeans or chinos.

Did you know that Champion actually invented the hoodie? It's true: they began adding hoods to their sweatshirts in the 1930s to protect laborers and athletes against Upstate New York's worst weather. But this garment is no longer about simply dressing for the cold. From winterwear to hip-hop culture to skater kids, the hoodie is now ubiquitous the world over?and the much-coveted Champion original is still front and centre, dominating Instagram snaps as the most talked about hoodie ever. Whether you wear it unadorned or dress it up under a smart blazer, there are many contenders but only one Champion.

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