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Le31 - modern men's fashion

The Blocked Utility Overshirt

Le 31


Le 31

Military cargo pant


A new option to layer that's utterly easy to wear.

Styled open over a T-shirt or all buttoned up, it's an all-terrain item that comes in a straight, loose silhouette cut from stretch cotton canvas.

Luxurious Pima Cotton T-Shirt

Make way for a first-class jersey fabric renowned for its sustainability, structure, and silky feel.

Robert Barakett

Luxurious pima cotton T-shirt


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Our Best Sellers

Face Masks

A protective essential for your everyday that's becoming a way to state your style.


New future fabric face mask


Now Showing

T-shirts as a form of expression.

Jogger Chinos

To adopt pronto: this number's modern details and the comfort of stretch organic cotton.


Organic cotton jogger chinos


In-Demand Brands

Modern Men's Fashion

Avant-garde and timeless, Le 31 is a multi-faceted environment for men who never settle for being one thing. It stands out for the richness of its selection, which ranges from our own exclusive collections to tons of Canadian brands and carefully picked international labels.

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