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Ic?ne - urban-chic fashion

This Season's Essentials

New trendy prints, sophisticated checks, and rich textures: the fashion agenda this fall is gearing up to be quite inspiring.


Fluid and printed recycled polyester shirt


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Back to Basics

Why choose between style and comfort when you can choose them both? These sweatshirts, turtlenecks, and T-shirts are the basics you've been dreaming of.

Our Latest Craze: Puff Sleeves

Be bold with a beloved fashion detail that's enhancing today's sought-after dresses, sweaters, and shirts.

Avant-Garde Fashion

Bold, sexy, and fascinating, Icône's muse loves to stand out and utterly own her individuality. Always on the cutting-edge of what's hot, her captivating looks pair perfectly with her on-trend lifestyle.

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