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Simons Maison - home fashion

Must-See Materials

Warm and rugged, sophisticated and chic, versatile and comfy... every material brings a bit of its personality into the home. Play with textures and finishes to create the atmosphere of your dreams!

Simons Maison Exclusive

Washed linen and cotton duvet cover set

Starting at
Washed Linen and Cotton Duvet Cover Set Exclusively At Simons Maison

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What's in My Lunch Box?

A sandwich covered with a beeswax wrap, beautiful, eco-friendly bags filled with snacks, bamboo utensils, and a reusable straw.

Eco-friendly lunch box essentials at Simons Maison

Evolution Pillow

Sleep soundly with our first exclusive eco-friendly pillow, which features a fluffy polyester fill made from recycled plastic bottles.

simons maison exclusive

Evolution jumbo pillow
Semi-firm support

Evolution jumbo pillow by Simons Maison
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